Do you struggle to manage your bookkeeping? Putting it off for another day? Is your desk disappearing under a pile of receipts and invoices?

If this sounds all too familiar then these top 5 tips from de Jong Phillips should help you get back on track:

1) Software is your Friend

Software like Xero can take away the pain of bookkeeping, automating it and ultimately make it work like magic. Many of our clients are genuinely excited by the technology and bookkeeping can become an enjoyable and therapeutic activity!!

2) Add-ons

Not only is Accounting Software your friend so are the various adds-on that are out there. Dext can automatically send your receipts into Xero. Tripcatcher can record your mileage and Futrli can show you your live cashflow forecast. Whatever your business needs there is probably an add-on to help you.

3) Regular Record Keeping

No one likes hunting for an invoice that they paid weeks or months ago, I often talk to clients who are only doing their bookkeeping to meet a specific deadline. Keeping on top of your bookkeeping means you have real-time information and this can enable you to analyse your business and cashflow.

4) Keep Mobile

Are you always on the go? Most of our clients now use apps like the Xero app and Dext App which means that you can do your bookkeeping on the go. This means you can update your records anywhere …. anytime…

5) Business and personal Split

It’s simple but by keeping your personal transactions out of your business account, it can save you bookkeeping time and money.

Want to find out more?

Find out more bookkeeping tips here, or get in touch and we help you introduce better bookkeeping to your business.