Introducing our weekly round-up of essential reading for business owners

Recently, when asked what one piece of advice I would give to an accounting firm looking to go digital, my answer was to take full advantage of all the great information out there on the web. There are so many useful websites with great videos and blogs talking about how to go about doing this.

The same advice goes for running a business. There are some fantastic websites producing blogs on pretty much every challenge or opportunity you will face as a business owner. Realising that many of our clients are unlikely to be reading the same blogs and newsletters as us (see or anyone?) we thought we’d start sharing some of the best articles the team has read lately.

Running a business: real-life stories from entrepreneurs

Nick Leech from tells the Guardian what he has learned from launching and running a series of business ventures and highlights the importance of stepping back from the day-to-day operations to focus on strategy. 8 dos and dont’s for launching a successful business.

Block Chain Technology

Everyone is talking about blockchain technology but what actually is it? The key elements are explained in this article by Karbon. Making sense of blockchain technology.


What does it mean when the UK exits the EU VAT regime in January 2021? Firstly, all small e-commerce companies will be obliged to VAT register immediately in any EU country where they are selling.

Secondly, we will see a 20% UK import VAT bill on all goods coming into the UK from the EU. This is recoverable but will add burdensome new paperwork and processes.

For more information read this article by AccountancyAge. Exiting the EU VAT Regime


Building up a decent pension pot can be a lot more challenging if you’re self-employed as opposed to employed. This article in Shares magazine (see Pension tips for the self-employed on talks about how to make a start on planning for retirement.

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