Let me share a secret: scaling your agency is NOT (just) about:

  • More clients
  • More staff

And it’s not rocket science either.

In fact, the answer is much simpler than all that. And at de Jong Phillips we’ve turned it into something of a magic formula.

You see one of my biggest frustrations in business is seeing agencies that are really good at what they do, getting stuck treading water and trading time for money. 

They think the answer to building a profitable agency that runs itself, and that they can maybe one day sell, is about getting more – more clients, more staff … But that’s only part of the puzzle.

What actually really moves the needle is far less extreme than that. But over the last 5 years it’s allowed us to help agencies like PR and marketing firms, market research and video production companies, hit their business growth goals and beyond.

In fact most recently, one of our clients increased their profit by 20 times in one year, and another added £200,000 of profit to their bottom line.

What’s the secret ingredient?


And it all comes down to 4 key areas that, when systemised, can turn a struggling agency into a flourishing business.

This is a system we use with our clients over and over. Because it works. We call it our Agency Journey and it breaks down the milestones and actions that every successful agency needs to implement at each stage – start up, scale up, and established – to grow profitably.

With all our clients, during our 6-step onboarding process, we map out their current state to assess where they are on their journey. We figure out the gap between where they are and where they want to be and create an action plan to get them there, which we know works.

Is your agency ready to jump on a different trajectory?

If you want to see these kinds of results in your business, but don’t know how it could work for you, jump on a call for a current state review of your agency – so you can get clear on where you are and what you need to do to reach your goals.