In our most recent client survey (2021) our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 67%, which is considered to be somewhere between excellent and world-class, which we are delighted with as it’s a testament to the great relationship we have with our clients.

Most business owners would not recommend their accountant

Nearly a third of small business owners are actively looking for a new accountant. What’s more, there are more business owners who wouldn’t recommend their accountant than would.

In 2019 Xero surveyed 1509 business owners in the UK with annual revenue ranging from £10k to £20m to find out what small business owners think about their accountant. The results make an interesting read.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

To get to the bottom of what small businesses think of their accountants, Xero used the NPS which measures how likely a customer is to recommend them to others.

The higher the number the better the NPS. An NPS close to nil is neutral and a negative NPS suggests that people are actively saying negative things about a business. 

The average NPS for the accounting and bookkeeping industry in the UK is -3.0. Let that sink in!

More people are complaining about their accountant than recommending them.

According to Bain & Co, inventors of the NPS, a score above 50 is excellent and above 80 is world-class.

Is your Accountant excellent?

If not, and you think it’s time for a change, then you might be wondering how you can tell if your next accountant will be any better than your current one.

As well as interviewing them thoroughly (here are 5 questions to ask before hiring your next accountant) there will always be some element of taking the plunge and finding out for yourself, but according to Xero’s research, business owners that choose accountants that tick these boxes are generally happier:

  • Use online accounting software (like Xero)
  • Have regular contact with their clients
  • Ask them for their latest NPS

What makes us so good?

  • We ask for feedback – and we act on it
  • We collaborate  We work as our client’s finance team. If you are looking for an accountant that’ll speak to you a couple of times a year, that’s not us! We’ll be speaking to you weekly!. 
  • We’re prize-winning – We won Small Firm of the Year 2020 in the Accounting Excellence Awards and came in the top 3 in the Xero Awards 2 years in a row.

And of course, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to online accounting. All the tools we use are cloud-based for better collaboration.

Ready to move over to us?

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