Self Assessment Checklist

Whether you’re completing your Self Assessment tax return yourself, or we are doing it for you, there are certain bits of information that you’ll need to have to hand to do this.

It can be easy to miss something important that may affect your tax bill, or even may save you tax, so we’ve pulled together this checklist for you to run through to give you an idea of things you should be mindful of.

Personal Details

  • Any change of address since the last tax return was filed?
  • Any notable changes in personal circumstances in the year? If so, what are they? This might include anything from marriage through to having a child or being registered as disabled.

Employment Income

  • Did you receive any employment income in the year? If so you’ll need a P60 from your employer.
  • Did you have any benefits in kind from your employment? If you did you’ll need your P11d.
  • Did you receive any redundancy payments?

Interest Income

  • Did you receive any interest in the year? And if you did, is it from a UK or overseas bank account?

Dividend Income

  • Did you receive any dividend income? If you did it’s important to have your dividend vouchers available. If the dividends are from a listed company then providing details of your shareholdings (company name and number and type of shares held) may be sufficient.
  • Did you buy or sell any shares in the year?

Rental Income

  • Have you received any income from property? If you did, it’s important to flag the type of the property income (whether it is from renting out a second property as a long-term let, a holiday let, or from renting out a room in your own home.

Capital Gains

  • Did you make any capital gains in the year? For example from the sale of a second home, shares or another asset?


  • Did you receive any child benefit in the year? If you did and either you or your spouse earn more than £100k per year then this will affect the amount of tax you will pay.
  • Did you make any payments into a personal pension scheme?
  • Did you have any other income, for example from selling goods online or from a hobby business you run in your spare time.
  • Do you have a student loan? If you do, What Plan type are you on?

Need some help?

If you have any questions about completing your Self Assessment Tax Return then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or read more to see our process for preparing you tax return