Let’s face it – who really relishes the weekly invoice chasing from your accountant?  As much as we enjoy hearing from you, we are pretty sure that you would rather be doing other things!

Use Dext Prepare to make your bookkeeping painless

As your business grows it becomes more complex to juggle all the demands and your time gets squeezed.  Here at de Jong Phillip’s, we use Dext Prepare, previously known as Receipt Bank, to look after our clients’ invoice and receipt processing, data entry, payments and filing.  Dext fully integrates with Xero and takes the pain out of submitting invoices and receipts to your accountant.

Did you know that we can help you even further to make the most out of this platform so that you can spend more of your precious time doing what you want to be doing – focusing on growing your business!

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We can take you through the quick step-by-step process to automate as much of the donkey work as possible, which essentially is making the most of the functions available to you, for example:


  • Dext Fetch is connected to over 1,400 suppliers globally – automatically retrieve invoices from your suppliers without even bothering you
  • Auto-forward rules – we can set up your unique supplier email address so suppliers can send their invoices directly into Dext
  • Automate supplier and customer rules – we can set these up for you so that the right categories and VAT treatments are applied – keeping your P&L neat and tidy
  • Auto-publishing – we can set this up so Dext will upload invoices directly into Xero – minimising queries from your accountant
  • Bank matching – we can set up a card list so Dext recognises the card numbers on receipts to automatically match to your payments – this gives you real-time account balances

At de Jong Phillips we are continually excited to embrace and explore the latest tech and we are passionate about freeing up your time and boosting your productivity!

If this sounds like something you could benefit from, we’re here to talk so please get in touch.