Is your accountant helping you reach your business goals? Or holding you back?

The reason our clients make more profit, scale faster, and are more attractive to investors and buyers, is quite simply because we’re not your average business accountants. And because what we do is so second nature, it often takes messages from brand new clients, to remind us what an impact our approach has on the agencies we work with.

Ed from Temono, has only been working with us a little under a month, and this week sent us this great testimonial:

“Thanks for all the hard work. Already it has been a quantum leap in reduced hassle and getting the foundations in place to grow things.” 

The reason Ed’s already seeing such results is because we aren’t just finance experts who will help you do your books at the end of the year.

We have created de Jong Phillips to be a full finance function:

  • We’re business coaches who want to see you meet your targets; 
  • We’re strategists who can help you plan your growth.
  • And we’re also implementers, which means that whatever you can’t or shouldn’t be doing in-house like your forecasting, systemisation, payroll, and bookkeeping, we’ll take care of.

And we see the results of this over and over with our client successes

Like one client who has recently been offered over £4m to buy his business and is now confidently negotiating the best deal because we were able to give him all the facts and figures that he needed straight away.

Another client, Emma from Cascade Communications, told us that “we’ve welcomed them into the financial future and have played an important part in setting them up for growth; streamlining their financial systems and processes to allow them to focus on creating great work for their clients.”

If you’re ready to scale your agency, you’ve got to ask yourself whether your current accountant is going to help you hit those targets, or perhaps hold you back.

Having a strong finance function is essential to have a successful growing business, without it you’re leaving your profit down to luck, you’re exposing yourself to risk, losing money, and not being ready to seize opportunities when they arise.

5 things your accountant needs to do to help you to scale your agency this year:


1) Take control of your numbers so you can focus on growing your business

Being on top of your finances and understanding your numbers in real-time is key to running a successful business. That’s why the first thing we do with all our new clients is to make sure Xero is working for them so they have easy access to numbers that they can rely on.

2) Build a plan

Creating a structure around your goals helps you to scale more sustainably – with more confidence, profits, and speed – whilst ensuring your personal goals are met too.

When we start working with a client we help them get clear on their vision and create an actionable plan to get them there. Then we hold them accountable with performance reports and board-style meetings.

3) Share financial insights

You want to have a financial partner who can spot trends so that you can take action to avoid issues and embrace opportunities.

This is why each of our clients has their own dedicated finance team, led by a client manager who speaks to you regularly through the year, not just when your VAT return or Annual accounts need to be filed.

4) Solve your cash flow and funding problems

Having access to money when you need it is at the heart of a successful business, without cash you can’t jump on opportunities as they arise, and, worse case, you struggle to pay your bills.

We work with our clients to implement strategies to improve their cash flow and, when needed, help them access funding to sustain and grow their business.

5) Systemise and structure your business

When you get the systems in your business working for you, your business will scale faster and more efficiently and you’ll gain the freedom to do the things that you really want to do.

We introduce our clients to (and implement) the right systems, structures, and processes to make their businesses more efficient and successful.

These are the main pillars that are going to make your accountant invaluable to your business growth.

Ready to get more from your accountant?

By the way, if you’re ready to start working with an accountant who can help you scale your agency faster, book a free 15-minute discovery call with us here.