In our client’s words: Saltoria Marketing Ltd

We have a close relationship with our clients, and what we love best about our work is genuinely improving productivity, processes, and profitability for them.

Here’s what Sally Day from Saltoria has to say about her experience of working with us in our series ‘In our Client’s Words’.

Like many brand-new business owners, we were anxious and overwhelmed, but de Jong Phillips gave us confidence around our numbers.

We had zero experience in finance and no idea how much money we could use even for our own marketing. We’d met with about 10 accountants who all seemed rather serious, but the team at de Jong Phillips was different.  Working with them is collaborative; they’re more like colleagues than scary accountants.

They helped us to set financial goals and make a plan to reach them. 

Being able to understand the link between our numbers and our future growth was so empowering.  It meant we could take a pragmatic approach to things like our taxes while still thinking about the ambitious and aspirational stuff. 

Working with them has helped us to become more resilient.

These are uncertain times and de Jong Phillips has given us lots of clever advice on honing our different revenue streams. Surprisingly as a marketing agency, they’ve also helped us think about our target audience and pricing strategy. We now have the confidence to go for bigger clients and charge for our expertise rather than our time.


We feel empowered and excited about our numbers.

They don’t just give you the information you need, they educate you and encourage you to think for yourself with your numbers. So for us, it’s no longer just about whether we can pay ourselves more wage, but questions like, what does the data tell us about our success and our growth and our opportunities?

They’re decent, straightforward, kind people, and that can be hard to find.

They’re patient and so generous with their time. They make us feel like we’re in this together; that we’re a team and they want us to do well.

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