In our client's words: Mobius Industries Ltd.

In our clients’ words: Mobius Industries Ltd

de Jong Phillips gave us profound help through the pandemic – it’s difficult to imagine where we’d be without them. 

We’re an established communications agency for culture and the arts, but April 2020 was our first month working with them and we suddenly had no work coming in. Our previous accountant had been very light touch, so I was grateful for the constant engagement, availability, creative thinking and genuine interest we received from de Jong Phillips. It was critical for me both psychologically and in terms of how we rose to the challenge.


We’re now more profitable than ever

Hybrid working has changed everything for us, and in early 2021 de Jong Phillips helped us to rebuild the business to operate in a far more agile way. While our turnover is still low, our profit is higher than it’s ever been, which means we’re well set up to scale and take advantage of the current changes in the arts industry.

They’re a tech-forward accountant that understands the agency mindset and business model. 

This was the main reason we were attracted to de Jong Phillips. I’d already started putting various tools like Xero in place in an ad hoc way. I needed an accountant who had extensive knowledge of the systems we were using, so they could save us time and maximise their potential.

They’ve improved our operations and empowered our staff.

The systems they’ve introduced have saved an immense amount of time and stress, and they’ve helped us use other systems like company credit cards more efficiently. It also means I’m able to delegate more, which gives our staff more opportunity to run their own bits of the business more effectively.

They only work with agencies and are familiar with the agency journey.

The fact they work with lots of very similar businesses is a huge advantage because we all face similar challenges. They also run their own business like an agency which means it’s easier for them to pick up on what really works. Sometimes we’re the first clients trying to work out a particular obstacle and enjoy how we tool it out together. I’m a big fan of the novelty of experimentation.


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