In our Clients Words: Incorporate Design Ltd

We needed an accountant we could trust and build a relationship with.

I run a branding and communications agency. We’d previously been working with an accountancy firm aimed at small businesses, but it was faceless and remote and there was a constant churn of account managers. This meant there was a complete lack of continuity and communication, and I was constantly having to follow things up, check, and chase them by phone and email.


de Jong Phillips balances traditional old-school values with a forward-thinking digital approach.

From the beginning, I was impressed by their use of digital technology and anything to make work easier, quicker, and more efficient. But at the same time, they’re always there to talk. With my old accountant, I spoke to whoever picked up the phone, but with de Jong Phillips I can speak directly with my account manager whenever I need to, even if it’s just a quick speculative query.


de Jong Phillips understands the agency world which makes them more efficient.

Because they run their own business just like an agency and focus all of their attention on the agency world, we can go to them with any of our problems or questions and trust they’ll know what we’re talking about.

They’ve freed up my time to grow the business.

I used to spend a huge chunk of my day on accounting, but now we have such robust systems in place I spend very little time on it day-to-day. That’s been a big thing for us because, over the last couple of years, it’s meant I’ve been able to focus on business development and new client sales which has helped us to grow.


Peace of mind, saving time, and trust – that’s what we value most about working with them. 

We’re quite a small business and our accounts aren’t complicated. What I like about working with de Jong Phillips is that we have a good relationship and I trust the regular accountancy work is going on in the background, without having to know too much about it.


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