Our old accountants got things done but they weren’t proactive like de Jong Phillips. 

We’re a boutique telecoms, PR, and content marketing agency, and used to send our accountants a bundle of things once a quarter, but nothing was updated regularly. This made it difficult to plan because we couldn’t get up-to-date facts and figures when we needed them. I heard about de Jong Phillips from a friend and I knew their virtual finance team approach was just what we needed.


de Jong Phillips immediately removed lots of hassle and headaches.

From the moment we started working with them they started to put tech in place to help us. Tasks that used to take a day and a half now take us half an hour at most. Also, the tools they used to simplify our accounting systems mean our accounts are immediately updated online every day, and we have the information we need when we need it.

They’ve helped to supercharge our growth.

Things were ticking along before and we were growing slowly, but since working with de Jong Phillips we’ve started to meet our full potential. Understanding our numbers has had a big impact and it’s helped us to grow considerably over the last 18 months.


de Jong Phillips is like having an entire finance department inside your company. 

They take a critical chunk of your business, streamline it and make it more efficient so you don’t have to worry about working outside your expertise.  We can turn to them and ask for any kind of support you’d expect to have as a bigger company, from a CFO right down to accounts receivable. Having that whole offering working alongside us like colleagues has been really powerful.



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