In our Team's Words: Emily Win

Relatability and collaboration is big at de Jong Phillips. We’re a friendly and personable bunch. 

Team fit is the number one criteria we look for when hiring staff. We work well together and everyone is there to help each other learn, grow and develop. At the same time, we’re able to help our clients learn, grow and reach their goals – it’s wonderful being part of that journey.


Flexibility is embraced and allowed – not frowned upon.

Every staff member can decide their own working hours and where we work from. This is so forward-thinking because it helps us to find a balance between work and our personal life and commitments. As an award-winning firm with a team that works flexibly, we’re a great example of how you don’t need to be in the office five days a week, 9-5 to achieve your goals.  


It doesn’t matter how junior you are, we listen to everyone’s ideas.

Anyone on the team can suggest new ways of doing things, which means we all feel like we’re contributing to the company’s success. We can speak up and suggest changes and we’ll be listened to and our ideas will be taken into consideration.

The way we embrace change in the workplace keeps things exciting.

As a team, we always want to make sure we’re working in the best and most efficient way possible. That means that when we come across better ways of working, we’re able to adapt and implement them quite quickly. That makes for a very dynamic work environment.


We love to celebrate success at de Jong Phillips.

Whether it’s our clients’ successes, a job well done internally, or even a colleague who’s won a game of darts on a team trip down the pub, we always acknowledge our achievements. In our bi-weekly team meetings, we’re able to give other team members kudos when they help each other out, go that extra mile, or do something that needs to be recognised. We also go out for team lunches and drinks on a regular basis to welcome new joiners or celebrate special events.


Our clients love that we’re such forward-thinkers around tech. 

It means we’re always making sure they’re using the latest technology available to help make their finance systems as streamlined as possible. And because we use those systems ourselves, our customers know they work and are going to deliver the value they need.


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