In our Teams Words: Pam Phillips

At de Jong Phillips we’re here to make finance accessible to smaller businesses.

Small businesses should have the same level of financial support and opportunities as larger businesses. We do that by being their outsourced function team so they can benefit from having a full finance function without necessarily having to employ one.

When I started de Jong Phillips this was my vision – but it hadn’t really been done before.

I co-founded the firm with my father in 2015.  He had run his own accountancy practice since the early 1990s, while I had started my practice in 2012 after being made redundant from a career in finance in a large corporation. After many years of seeing behind the scenes of lots of successful businesses, I knew how our financial insight as accountants could be used to entirely transform a business’s trajectory. It hadn’t been done before though because previously it would have been prohibitively expensive.

As early adopters of tech, we were one of the first to make it happen.

With the new and emerging technology available we were able to quickly and affordably bring the level of financial support enjoyed by larger corporations to our own clients, no matter how big or small they were.  My dad has since retired, but we’ve now grown our team to nine and work exclusively with agencies.

The agency journey is very similar to a business like my own and that keeps me engaged.

We chose to work exclusively with agencies because they naturally formed a large part of our client base. This meant we understood them deeply and were really able to get to know their challenges and journey. The path that an agency follows in fact closely mirrors that of an accountancy firm as it grows, so I’m able to use my own experience in scaling de Jong Phillips and apply it to our clients. I love learning what works for some agencies and what doesn’t for others and working out why.

We’re always looking for ways we can improve and grow and are dedicated to searching for the next best new tools.

This means we’re continuously asking for feedback from our clients and we really embrace tech because we know that’s one of the best ways to build a really robust finance function.

When you work with us, we’re in it together. 

We’re our clients’ natural cheerleaders and are committed to their success. We don’t want you to feel intimated when speaking to us about money and finances, we want you to be open. That’s why we hate jargon and always speak in plain English. We translate financial data into meaningful information you can use to transform your business. 


We do what we say we’re going to do.

At de Jong Phillips we love a challenge and problem-solving and we’re also really clear about what we’re going to do and when. Most importantly though, we make sure we follow through – that’s a really important part of building trust.

We won the Xero Small Firm of the Year Award but that’s not what I’m most proud of.

I’m actually most proud of the team we’ve built and how everyone on that team is so dedicated to helping our clients build stronger and more resilient businesses.

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