9 reasons why de Jong Phillips should be your next finance function

1. We understand agencies

I’m passionate about all the stages of the agency journey; from start-up, to scaling up, right through to becoming an established agency. Since setting up dP back in 2015, I’ve exclusively worked with agencies, which means we understand what you need like no other accountant. 

Plus, our knowledge and expertise is continually growing because we’re working with agencies just like yours day in and day-out. We’ve worked with so many agencies through the different stages of scaling up that we know the common challenges your agency is likely to face and when. But most importantly, we can show you how to navigate them when they do. 

2. We use tech to help you grow faster

We’re total tech geeks over here! In fact, we’ve always been early adopters of new technologies like cloud-based accounting systems.

That means all the other accountants are finally catching up, we’re already seeking out the latest cutting-edge tools to help your small business thrive.

3. We’re award-winning

Nobody likes to blow their own trumpet so it’s nice when someone else does it for you!

In 2020 we won Accounting Excellence Firm of the Year, and the year after that were honoured to be invited to join the judging panel.

We’ve also been finalists for the Xero Small Firm of the Year Award in 2020, and 2021 and we won in 2022, not only that but our MD Pamela Phillips was named Xero MVP 2022, we need to put up more shelves! 

Pam Phillips Xero MVP 2022

4. We want to be in the thick of things

We’re not a stand-offish, computer-says-no type of accountant – we love to get our hands dirty! So if you don’t want an accountant that’s proactive, highly engaged and excited about your business success, you’re probably not going to want to work with us.


5. You don’t just get an accountant – you get a whole team!

Don’t you just hate it when you call up your accountant and nobody seems to know who you are or what you’re talking about? We do too! 

Which is why when you join dP you get given your very own dedicated finance team. That’s your own Finance Director, bookkeeper and payroll administrator (all for a fraction of what this would cost in-house).

You know them, and they know you. In fact, it’s their mission to understand exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve so they can help you get there – just as if they were officially part of your team.


6. We have a commercial sense

We’re not just bean counters, we love business which is why at de Jong Phillips entrepreneurs have a very special place in our hearts.  

When we hire our people, we don’t just choose the ones with the most excellent accounting skills (although of course they do), we pick people who are passionate about helping small businesses grow. So balancing your books is not the bit that lights our fire – it’s understanding the numbers and getting them to create the success you desire.

7. We’re people people

Accountancy isn’t really about numbers, it’s about people, which is why strong and close client relationships are so important at de Jong Phillips. 

So after we’ve had a chat about what your numbers are and what those numbers mean in your business, we’re always ready to lend an ear to what those numbers mean personally for you.

We know that the more comfortable and open you are with us, the more ways we can find to support you.


8. We love community

One of our favourite things to do is bring our clients together because as agency owners you have so much in common!

That’s why every 6 weeks we gather a small group of clients for an informal lunch, where you can get to know each other, compare notes, swap ideas and create new and beneficial connections and perhaps even collaborations.

9. We will be your business coach

Our clients all have one thing in common: they all have a growth mindset, and so we love to support them in staying focused and accountable. One way that we do this is by offering regular coaching and mentoring sessions.

Every 3 months we meet, discuss how you want to scale, take stock of where you’re at, and then decide on the clear action you can take towards your biggest goals.


These are just some of the reasons our clients love working with us.

But the fact is, we love working with agencies too. So if you’d like to find out how we can become your next finance system, book a call with one of our team here.