Ibiza Super Summit ROI: Did it live up to expectations?

As a business owner nearly every decision comes down to one important question – Is it worth it? As the event had a price tag of £550 (plus flights and hotel), that’s exactly what I asked myself before signing up for the Agency Hackers Ibiza Super Summit.


Now, with the Super Summit behind me, I’m going to share whether those expectations were met.



One of the main reasons I signed up for the Ibiza Super Summit was for the networking opportunities. I think this is probably true of most people who were there.

The event delivered in spades! Before I’d even left the airport I met Jo Carter of Concept Personnel and spent much of the trip tagging along with her. She introduced me to Suchi Dhal of 383 Project who told me how to disguise the gross taste of collagen powder that I’d bought after learning Jennifer Anniston takes it (it’s by mixing it with yoghurt by the way).

I met so many other wonderful and interesting people who I’ll definitely be staying in touch with.



As soon as I saw Carrie Rose, Rob Mayhew and the Knowlton brothers were going to be speaking, there was no doubt I was going to be there.

It turns out I got starstruck when I saw them, couldn’t think of what to say and we didn’t all become best friends (as I’d planned). But it was great to hear their insights anyway.

As well as Carrie, Rob and Dan and Rob Knowlton, the summit had an impressive lineup of speakers including Simon Bollan, Bhaiju Solanki and Katie Streeter who shared their experiences and expertise. They talked about marketing, mindset and the ups and downs of running an agency. 

Their insights were thought-provoking as well as actionable, giving me a fresh perspective on the challenges I face as a business owner, as well as those faced by our clients.

Ibiza Super Summit ROI: Did it live up to expectations?<br />


Given the summit was in Ibiza I should really talk about the fun side of the conference too.

I’d not been to the Island before but it’s been on my list of places to go to since I was 17. Somehow I’d never made it until now.

It’s a beautiful place, the beaches and sea were stunning and there was lots to do in the downtime before and after the talks and workshops each day. The sunset boat party was (obviously) amazing, but the highlights for me were the early morning sunrise hikes. A different way to network and definitely one of my favourites.


The Verdict

Yes, going to Ibiza Super Summit was definitely worth it. 

The ROI, in terms of knowledge acquired, connections made, and the overall experience itself, exceeded my expectations. 

Would I go again next year? Absolutely! And I’ve heard there will be some early bird tickets being launched soon so look out for those if you’re thinking of going yourself.