Accountants in Guildford

A look at the range of technology and services de Jong Phillips offers that help agencies to scale up and grow sustainably.

We are a tech-focused, Surrey-based accountancy company helping agencies at every stage of the business journey, from start-ups to established firms in and around the Guildford, Surrey, region.

Our Xero experts offer everything from traditional accounting support, such as tax advice, payroll and bookkeeping, to expert financial advice on software solutions that will help your agency thrive.

As a dynamic and progressive firm, we are up to speed on the latest digital solutions benefitting small business owners and larger corporations. We help keep you on track to achieve your future plans.


Insightful business advice

The region around Guildford, Surrey, is home to hundreds of companies, from giants such as Capgemini and Unilever, to a vast range of smaller enterprises, agencies, sole traders and professionals.

They may all operate in different fields but they all have one common goal: to succeed at whatever they do. They are, quite rightly, focused on meeting the needs of their clients, getting their brand out there or building on an already established reputation.

While they are just as important, many younger companies in and around Guildford, Surrey, are perhaps less adept when it comes to dealing with accounts or finances.

Many call on our expert accountants for services including bookkeeping, tax advice and preparation.

Our team of accountants provides sound financial, tax and business advice to companies at every stage of the business journey.

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Surrey agency start-ups

No matter how exciting your idea for a product or service is, launching an agency in Guildford, or the wider area of Surrey can be daunting for a business owner.

Many are new to the art of accountancy, whether that’s balancing the books or filling in a tax return. It can be overwhelming to think of having to manage a company’s finances or navigate the world of business tax while trying to delight clients with your day-to-day service.

That’s where our professional team comes in. They can take care of filing your accounts and tax returns, keeping everyone at HMRC and Companies House happy.

We’ll sort out traditional accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll, while also providing crucial accounting and financial expertise that leaves you free to focus on your agency or business.

We will offer the benefit of our wisdom, with expert advice aimed at enabling start-ups to become sustainable small businesses. Our services help make your company tax efficient and support preparation for financial growth.

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Scale-ups in Guildford

There is a thriving community of small businesses and scale-ups in the Guildford, Surrey region, and we can ensure they sustainably maintain their growth.

Our tech-savvy professionals do that by keeping our clients’ business accounting records up-to-date, smoothly running the payroll, doing the preparation for and filing accounts, tax and VAT returns.

But our accountancy support goes beyond making sure columns of figures add up. We work with businesses and agencies across Guildford, Surrey, offering advice to help them lay and achieve plans for both short and longer-term goals.

As your trusted financial partner, we can help put in place systems, structures and processes to enable intelligent and informed decision-making for your agency.

Whether your business is facing an audit, or you’re considering raising finance to pay for offices or new staff, our expert business advice will ensure you make the right choices at the right time.


Accounting services for established agencies

When your Guildford, Surrey, agency has grown to the point where you can adopt a more hands-off approach, it’s time for another accounts gear shift.

Alongside timely advice, our dedicated Client Transformation team will be on hand to implement robust systems and processes that will make your business run like clockwork.

We will ensure the growth of your firm remains sustainable, while providing expert tax advice, leaving you free to lead your current agency, focus on clients or even take a closer look at potential new business opportunities.

Timely tax advice

We know times are hard for many start-ups, small businesses and bigger agencies in the Guildford, Surrey area and across the whole of the UK.

The thought of a surprise tax bill can send a chill down the spine of even the most resourceful agency owner and their accountant, but we can help keep your business financials on the straight and narrow.

We will ensure there are no nasty taxation or accounting surprises for your small business by helping create a budget, identifying any bookkeeping or cash flow issues that could affect payroll, and advising on potential solutions.

With expert accounts advice and support, our finance team can help your agency become more tax efficient, even when the end of the tax year is looming.

Our technology-based accountancy services

So, how do we accomplish all this? The answer is simple: Xero. We were named Xero’s small firm of the year for 2022, and ours is a 100% Xero agency.

We’re passionate about this intuitive accounting software, which helps firms manage everything from payroll to bookkeeping, and we’re dedicated to bringing its benefits to clients across the Guildford, Surrey area.

We aim to use our expertise as Xero accountants to help businesses save time and money by showing them how much it has to offer.

The best thing about Xero is the joined-up thinking behind the software that enables a business to run efficiently. That means taxation preparation isn’t a hassle, while tasks such as bookkeeping take a fraction of the usual time, minimising costs.


Xero also enables access to a wide range of apps and software, providing real-time information on everything from client credit ratings and your cash flow forecast to tracking project costs. Here are some of our favourites:


The Dext accountancy software tool reduces manual accountancy and financial admin. Clients can directly upload invoices and receipts, while cloud storage reduces costs.


This award-winning cash flow forecasting, budgeting and cash management tool was created exclusively for use with Xero. Users can view cash flow on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, scenario plan at the click of a button and forecast up to 3 years ahead of real-time.


Want to better manage your project and team profitability? This online time managment and expense tracking tool will be just the job.


Agencies looking to raise finance should use this app, which features more than 100 UK institutional and fintech lenders.

Xero integration, training and support

Some agencies love and embrace change, while others find it harder to adopt new practices or processes, and it’s no different when it comes to accounting services.

Many firms in and around Guildford, Surrey, have accounts systems that staff know and understand.

They know they can handle everything from payroll and VAT returns to taxation changes or even an audit. But just because something has been around for years, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon.

We know Xero inside out, so we know the many advantages that come with it. If your business makes the switch from the traditional spreadsheet to the accounting software, our team will transfer as many or as few of your records to a fresh Xero account.

Because we are professional Xero migration experts, we can design easy-to-use accounting processes, ensuring your records stay up to date with zero fuss.

Your employees won’t be left to navigate the software solutions on their own, either. We can provide 1-to-1 training, as well as limitless phone support for agencies using Xero for the first time.


Right by your side: a dynamic and progressive firm

We want to be more than another accountancy firm helping businesses in and around Guildford, Surrey with their tax returns. Our team strives to be a true financial partner.

That means providing more than everyday accounts services, such as taxation advice or bookkeeping support.

As an award-winning, tech-focused accountancy firm, we have a commercial mindset at our core. Our experts seek to create partnerships with agencies while showing them how to be more efficient and profitable by helping them understand their numbers.

We know our accounting and financial assistance supports business owners to make informed decisions that will enable their agencies to grow sustainably and thrive.


Let’s get you started

If you’re a business owner in the Guildford, Surrey, area we can help with all aspects of your accounting needs.

Whether you’re thinking of raising finance to scale up, want advice on making sense of the taxation landscape, or are confused about tax returns or what business tax services actually involves.

Our expert finance team will ensure your business accounts always make sense while helping your agency onboard Xero’s accounting technology, apps and services.

Are you ready to get started? Call on 01372 708090, or fill out this contact form and we’ll get back to you straight away.