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Better Business | 02 April 2019

If you’ve not set a budget for your agency before, or if you have but you want to check that it’s realistic and is actually going to help your agency successfully grow, then this post is aimed at you. Hopefully, as you’re reading this post, you’re already aware of the benefits of having a budget but if not, take a look at our blog ‘Why every business needs a budget’. Building a budget is like building a three-dimensional Sudoku puzzle, there are so many moving parts that all need to fit together to make sense. In this blog, we have focused on building a profit and loss budget but it is also important to budget for your balance sheet and cash flow. We’ll look at those in one of the next in our series of budget articles.

Better Business | 08 September 2018

Whether you are worried about a recent change in your business, or you have ambitious plans to grow, it is the budget that will give you comfort that you are making the right decisions.

Better Business | 21 March 2018

Top Bookkeeping TipsDo you struggle to manage your bookkeeping? Putting it off for another day? Is your desk disappearing under a pile of receipts and invoices? If this sounds all too familiar then these top 5 tips from de Jong Phillips should help you get back on track:

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