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As a Xero Gold champion, and a 100% Xero practice, we have established ourselves as Xero experts. All our accountants are Xero certified and as we use Xero all the time, our skill level is black-belt.

Let us be your Xero Accountants

How the Xero accountants at de Jong Philips can improve your agency’s financial and business processes

The boom in digital technology means more agencies than ever are discovering the benefits of Xero accounting software.

de Jong Philips is a 100% Xero practice. In fact, as Xero’s small firm of the year 2022, each of our accountants are certified in the cloud accounting software and, because we use it all the time, we think we understand it better than many other accountancy firms. We’re a Xero Platinum champion and have firmly established ourselves as Xero experts. In fact, we won the Xero small firm of the year award this year meaning you’re in safe hands when it comes to all things Xero.

We’re passionate about tech and armed with intelligent insights. Our accounting and business advisory expertise will help your company run like a well-oiled machine, no matter what stage it’s at on the agency journey. Are you ready to get started?

A brief history of Xero

The brainchild of Rod Drury and Hamish Edwards, Xero the company was founded in New Zealand in 2006.

The tech firm focused on developing a cloud-based accounting Software-as-a-Service for small and medium-sized businesses, and succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.

Xero is used in more than 180 countries, and reached three million subscribers in September 2021.

What is Xero accounting software?

As the name suggests, Xero is digital accounting software that enables faster and easier collaboration.

We use it to provide businesses with up-to-date financial information at the click of a button. As if that wasn’t enough, Xero also integrates with numerous other useful apps.

No matter how large or small your agency, you can benefit from a bespoke software stack perfectly designed to suit your needs at a budget that works for you.

Our whole team has the Xero skills to support your agency. We can respond to queries quickly and ensure your accounting systems and integrations are being fully and efficiently maximised.

The benefits of Xero cloud accounting software

Digital technology means agencies aren’t restricted to where they work any more. The cloud has made accessing real-time data from anywhere in the world as simple as a click.

Usually the phrase “one size fits all” is a no-no in the business world. Yet Xero is so flexible, it can handle the demands of a bootstrapping agency start-up as well as a global agency without breaking a mechanical sweat.

Our Xero experts will put that flexibility to work for your agency.


The top 20 uses: according to Xero experts

As Xero certified advisors, we know there are lots of advantages for agencies using the cloud accounting system. Here are 20 of the main benefits:

Pay your agency’s bills

Xero allows you to track and pay bills on time, as well as get clear insights into accounts payable and cash flow.

Claim expenses

Xero’s expense manager tools allow you to submit and reimburse expense claims, as well as view spending. A great way to minimise or reduce costs.

Bank connections

Connect your bank and set up processes that allow transactions to flow securely into Xero each business day.

Accept payments

You can accept online payments and be paid up to twice as fast by connecting Xero to payment systems including Stripe and GoCardless.

Track projects

Quote, invoice and get paid for jobs. Plus keep track of costs and profitability with project and job tracker software.

Xero payroll services

Xero accounting software will make payroll a breeze, whether you integrate a separate app or not. You can also keep basic pay records online. Your dedicated Xero payroll certified advisor within our team will advise you, and support you throughout the payroll process.

Bank reconciliation

Keep your agency financials up to date, while also categorising and reconciling daily bank account transactions using suggested matches.

Manage Xero contacts

Xero’s accounting software will put all the details of a client or supplier’s sales, invoices and payments at your fingertips.

Capture data

Automatically enter documents and key data into Xero, and use apps like Dext to eliminate manual data entry on capture.

Manage and share files

Xero cloud accounting systems are secure and perfect for online file storage. You can manage and share documents, contracts, bills and receipts safely from anywhere in the world.

Financial reporting

Track your agency’s finances with accurate accounting reports generated by Xero.

Speed up the quotation and invoicing process

Within Xero, agencies can populate quotations and invoices with the services they sell, by using specific inventory codes.

Send invoices and get paid quicker

Clients achieve maximum efficiency when they can work smarter, and Xero support enables intuitive invoicing. Online documents can be sent from the desktop or app the moment a job is done. Repeating work can be set to auto-invoice each month, with automatic reminders built in to help credit control and minimise the risk of bad debts.

Multi-currency payments

Get instant currency conversions using Xero, and get paid in over 160 currencies.

Purchase orders

Agencies can use Xero to create and send purchase invoices and orders online,

Generate professional quotes

You can also use Xero accounting software or the handy Quotes app to generate professional online quotes, and send them from your phone or desktop. Once approved, the quotation can easily be transferred to an invoice, and sent electronically to Xero.

Automated Value Added Tax assessment

Enhance your accounting and bookkeeping experience by automatically assessing Value Added Tax on transactions, and use financial reports generated by Xero to prepare and file tax returns.

Insights via analytics

Xero will give you insights into future cash flow, your agency’s financial position and help track those all-important metrics. More sophisticated versions are available with an upgrade to Xero Analytics Plus.

Accounting dashboard

Keep an eye on your day-to-day finances with the accounting dashboard. Track bank balances, invoices and bills, among other features.

Manage fixed assets

As well as helping agencies with processing and managing tasks, Xero also makes it easy to track fixed assets. You can also work with us to manage them, keeping your books up to date.


Four benefits of Xero cloud accounting software

We’re Xero experts and understand in great depth the advantages of using the cloud accounting system.

For agencies which could be looking to update their existing business accounting processes but are unfamiliar with Xero, the four biggest benefits that come with Xero are:

1. Save time

Xero software alone is an intuitive, smart system and an excellent alternative to manual bookkeeping and a great way to enhance business accountancy practice.

It also integrates with other apps to maximise the automation of automating your financial processes.

2. Get paid faster

Send online invoices to your clients and even link the invoices to a payment service like Stripe or GoCardless to make it really easy for your clients to pay you. Crucial for small businesses everywhere.

3. Generate better information

Xero makes getting a meaningful view of your finances faster and easier, giving you up-to-date financial data about your business at the click of a button.

4. Make informed decisions

We can access your records and provide real-time strategic insights, so you know exactly where your agency is today and where it is headed.

Apps in the Xero ecosystem

The Xero landscape includes cash flow tracking tool provider Float, which offers cash flow forecasting and scenario planning and Dext, a receipt / bill capture tool to help with expense management.

There’s also time-tracking tool Harvest, and the payments tool, Telleroo, which saves time when processing and organising payments each month.

We will ensure Xero and the apps integrated with it become the hub of your agency and central to your entire way of working – no fuss and no hassle.

Switching to the Xero platform

The thought of changing accounting systems can be daunting, particularly for small business owners that have been using existing accounting practices for a long time.

Employees will already be familiar with the current system and an entire agency’s processes could be built around that key accounting system.

Don’t worry. As leading Xero migration experts, we can help with that too.

Xero is designed to be intuitive to use and, with a little training from us, we are confident any business would be excited about a Xero migration which offers agencies a bigger ecosystem, better reporting and extra functionality.

We’ll oversee your Xero migration

No matter the accounting system you’re currently using, our team will fully manage the transfer of all your records onto a fresh Xero account.

As professional Xero migration experts, we can even design easy-to-implement accounting processes so your records are kept up-to-date with minimal fuss. Say goodbye to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

No need for Xero accounting advanced training

We work closely with all our clients, so they understand what Xero offers and maximise its benefits.

We bring accounting expertise as a leading Xero champion partner, alongside a wide range of business finance skills to the table, providing complete accounting support to your agency.

With us as a certified Xero adviser in your back pocket, and leading specialist in the cloud accountancy field, your team can focus on what they do best: boosting business productivity and achieving your agency goals.

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If you want to find out more about Xero online accounting software or want to take advantage of our Xero migration services, get in touch. Our Xero experts will get you up and running in no time.

Drop us a line on 01372 708090 or use this contact form and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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