In our clients' words: Bouche Media Ltd.

In our clients’ words: Bouche Media Ltd.

We hired de Jong Phillips because we needed a more joined-up service from our finance function.  

I didn’t just want an accountant to do the annual accounts, I wanted someone who’d give attention to my business day by day. We used to have a separate bookkeeper and accountant but the firm we were using was too big for us and we weren’t getting the care and attention we needed.  de Jong Phillips gives us much more personalised service. 

We’re more organised and save time and money.

Helping us to automate and digitise the systems and processes inside our agency was a big part of this. Having flows for our invoices and receipts has saved me so much time personally as these were things I’d previously been doing myself.

I can forget about the admin and just get on with my job.

There’s a huge amount of other work I no longer have to think about. I don’t have to worry about VAT returns, allocating costs, or working out where we can claim. I can just focus on strategy and growth and the work instead.

They’re constantly looking for innovative ways to ease our burden.

The team at de Jong Phillips is always trialling new systems and software in-house which they then recommend to us. They’re hot on the best new software and applications that can speed up processes and reduce workloads.

de Jong Phillips combines sound digital knowledge with a human approach.

One of the reasons I really love working with them is their very friendly, no-nonsense attitude. They also give unlimited phone support and I don’t dread phone calls with them because I enjoy dealing with them.

They want you to grow and they want you to succeed

And they have the tools and strategy to help you do it. It gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that when challenges do arise, they’re ready to take them on with you. 


It’s reassuring to know they’re keeping an eye on the important numbers for me.

My primary interest is growing the business and doing the work itself, and so having an accountant paying attention to things like margin, profitability and efficiency is important. 


They’re not just our accountants, they’re an extension of our team.

I don’t have a business partner, so for me, they’re a really useful sounding board for sense-checking ideas.  I talk to them about lots of issues which are not about accountancy and bookkeeping and have received lots of good advice, particularly around strategy. The extra support they give to the business is so valuable.


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