3 Words... wellbeing, opportunity, celebration

For me, Xerocon 2022 can be summarised in 3 words…wellbeing, opportunity and celebration.

WELLBEING – the various Day 2 well-being sessions resonated a lot with me as our team continues to grow and evolve.

Our firm’s ethos is about bringing what big businesses have to small businesses.  Well-being is no different and something we will be working with our team to develop and make integral to our organisation and culture.

OPPORTUNITY..2 days of opportunities to:

  1. step away from the day-to-day and chat internally about how our business works and the technology it uses. We talk with our clients about how important it is to do this so it was good to have an opportunity to do it ourselves
  2. meet face-to-face with our app and Xero network and also add some new apps and faces to our network.
  3. feel confident we have the latest information to ensure we are offering our clients and team the best technology and way of working


It wouldn’t be a Xerocon blog without mentioning the party…key highlights being face painting, meeting Tory Wagg and her team, spending all night on the dance floor singing all the classic 80s ballads while strumming a blow-up guitar and 2 Xero MVPs up on the DJ stage dancing…what were their names..ummm…was it Pam Phillips and Stuart Hurst???…or maybe my memory is a bit blurry 😉