In our Team's Words: Leanne Grant

Teamwork is so important at de Jong Phillips.

I joined the company at the end of 2021, and I knew it would be a great place to work because they were all over LinkedIn and had won awards. I loved their ethos and everything they stand for.


Our strong tech focus means there’s a dynamic and flexible company culture.

Remote working for example is a big part of how we run, and we have team members all over the country and even internationally.


We’re a very collaborative team.

Every client has their own dedicated finance function comprising a technician, a semi-senior or a senior, and a client manager who work together to ensure they are delivering the best service possible.

We do a lot of problem-solving day-to-day which makes communication important.

An app might not be working, a client may have a challenge that needs troubleshooting or numbers may not be balancing. We, therefore, have regular team meetings and discussions and take the time to listen to each others’ suggestions and ideas. This allows us to come up with the best solutions together


Self-awareness is a really important skill which we’re encouraged to hone.

When we’re self-aware we can improve our own performance and the overall growth of the team. Our regular weekly one-to-ones with our managers and colleague catch-ups help us to do this.


The leadership team makes de Jong Phillips a great place to work.

Our Managing Director Pam currently lives in Germany, and yet she’s still running an award-winning firm and makes sure we’re all working to the best of our abilities and happy in what we’re doing every single day.


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