Why the most successful agencies choose an accountant for their EQ (emotional intelligence) just as much as their IQ.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years of being an accountant is that nothing can push a person’s buttons quite like their bank balance. 


Money brings up a lot. 


Shame. Fear. Desire. Embarrassment. Anxiety. Jealousy…


It can be quite the emotional rollercoaster. It’s no wonder money conversations are to be avoided like the plague in any polite conversation. 


Luckily that’s not the case at dP. We want you to open up and talk to us all about what’s coming up for you in business and personally with your finances because it’s a huge part of what we do.


When I tell people I’m an accountant, so many of them just think, ‘Oh accountants are just about the numbers!” 


But really, being able to work out your profit margin in my head is just part of the skillset. It’s not adding up the numbers that make it interesting – the bit that really lights me up about being an accountant is the stories your numbers tell.

Because behind every struggling, striving or successful agency, there’s a human story which a good accountant can impact.<br />

Your numbers tell us so much more than most business owners realise.

Things like:

  • you’re working too hard or flogging a dead horse
  • you’re not selling the right services
  •  you have the wrong people doing the wrong jobs. 


But there are some things only you can tell us. This is why we’re not just here to give you the facts and then step away.

We’re here to listen to what you really want from your business and work out the practical action you need to take, to go from where you are, to where you want to be.

So Understanding your numbers is the first step, but understanding you and what’s really keeping you awake at night, that’s the next one.


That’s why forging close relationships with our clients is really important to us.


Meeting you where you are

We don’t want transactional relationships where we just do bookkeeping and the payroll and disappear for a month. We want to work with you; we want to help you build an agency that delivers on your dreams.


That means meeting you where you are. If you’ve got a cash flow problem for example, we know that you’re probably going to be under a lot of stress; you might be worrying about how to pay wages, or your mortgage, on top of working all the hours that God sends.


So, yes, we’ll give you solutions. But we’ll also give you the space to talk about what’s worrying you too. Not because we’re being nosey, but because we know that those numbers on the screen have a human impact too. We know that the more understood you feel, the more open you’re going to be; and the more open you are the better we can help you.


We’ve seen it all before

That’s why there’s nothing to be embarrassed about; no judgement, no reason to get defensive. We’re here to help. And when our clients understand that, that’s when we start growing a really strong relationship built on trust and finally take their business where they want it to go.


So, no it’s not just about the IQ in business, it’s the EQ (emotional intelligence) that really sets us apart. And so people may look at accountants and think we’re all about the numbers. But in reality, a good accountant understands people and wants to support them in both their lives and their businesses. 


If you want to work with an accountant who gives as much attention to supporting you and your dreams, as we do to the numbers, book a call with us today.