Accountants for Creative Agencies

We can help you make better decisions that will help your creative agency grow.

We are an award-winning, tech-focused accountancy firm with a commercial mindset. We specialise in helping creative agencies thrive and grow.

As a leading provider of full-service finance solutions to small businesses, we shine a light on where you are – compared to where you want and need to be. We then help keep you accountable.

We offer more than the traditional accountancy services. We combine accounting and industry best practice, plus the latest software. 

We also work with you to demonstrate how to make your agency more efficient and profitable. Plus, we’ll help you really understand your business numbers and use these insights to move forward. 

A vibrant and fast-changing industry 

Creative agencies have to be innovative and nimble in this digital age, whether you’re in public relations, advertising or marketing. 

Creative businesses often search for specialists around them who can be collaborative and flexible and grow alongside them. 

The right processes need to be in place, whether you’re an advertising start-up or an established marketing company. Our wide range of services (aimed at creative industries) will make sure that happens. 

Accountants services for start-ups in creative industries 

We get it, when you’re an evolving creative business, almost everything is dictated by time and budget. So, getting the essentials sorted (like paying tax) can be both stressful and intimidating. 

We can get you up and running with Xero online accounting software, and ensure you’re keeping HMRC and Companies House on (your) side. 

We’ll also fill out your tax returns and accounts. We will take the bookkeeping and payroll off your hands, so you can work on getting your business out there. 

Dom Stoppani of Fish for Feet Ltd says: 

“Thank you and the team for getting me through the first year with no major upsets! It has been a steep learning curve and you have made it an easy transition, even with the stuff I tend to struggle with!”

Helping marketing agencies and other creative firms scale up 

Even the most entrepreneurial companies and creative businesses understand the challenges of scaling up. Suddenly there’s more of everything: staff, paperwork, tax, transactions and projects. 

Our accountants use specialist knowledge to help businesses, from web designers to media agencies, have the right strategic planning in place to manage their work and cash flow. 

We’ll take care of month-to-month payroll, file your accounts and tax returns and keep all your accounting records in tip-top condition so you can focus on winning that next big client. 

Beyond accounting services for creative industries

Alongside our accounting services, our team will also keep their finger on the pulse of the creative sector. We will update you with emerging trends and help you maximise growth opportunities without tumbling into any financial traps. 

And we’ll make sure everyone’s always on the same page with monthly performance reports and board-style meetings.

Accountancy services for established creative companies 

The creative industry covers a wide range of diverse companies. Whilst many of our creative clients have many years of experience, they still value the financial support and tax advice provided to their businesses by our specialist accountants. 

It can be a huge challenge to scale a start-up creative agency. Many of our current clients have evolving and flourishing marketing agencies and are keen to become firmly established as soon as possible. We’re here to ensure your business stays on the right track in order to scale and achieve financial success (and in the right time).

Making your business run like clockwork 

As well as taking care of the day-to-day stuff like accounts, VAT returns, tax relief or audit work, we’ll also introduce and implement systems, structures and processes that will make your business run like clockwork for you and your clients.

Support with company-wide strategies

Our dedicated Client Transformation team will also provide advice to ensure your marketing or creative business works smarter, not harder. 

We will assess your whole business strategy in the context of the wider industry to ensure you are set up and in position to grow profitably.

Darryl Swift of Impact Research Ltd says: 

“I think you guys are a fab team and are doing a great job for us, and we really appreciate all your work and effort. I also appreciate how you embrace new technology and software to make things easier and better.”

Who our accountants have helped and how

Transforming insights into improved business performance 

Our team of dedicated and experienced accountants helped an established market research business that was grappling with four main problems: 

  • old school processes: some of the systems were antiquated and inefficient
  • inaccurate data: the team was not obtaining timely accounts
  • poor return-on-effort: valuable senior management time was gobbled up by data updating and collation
  • fatigue and frustration: inaccurate data made it impossible to predict current performance and plan ahead

The company wanted to work closely with a hands-on finance team that were experienced in Xero and its connected apps. They wanted a team that would be integrated into their business, supporting them in the same way as in-house colleagues.

The right tech = results 

With Xero as the firm’s main platform, the company now has a greater insight into how the business is performing, leading to enhanced decision-making.


Setting achievable financial goals for a start-up 

A marketing agency start-up that enjoyed a collaborative relationship with its clients, wanted a similar bond with their accountants, as well as sound business financial advice and support. 

They had little financial experience and were very concerned about budgets. Our team offered pragmatic advice on taxes (amongst other things) and were able to assist the start-up in making the connection between its numbers and future growth. 

Boosting confidence and the bottom line 

Our accountants also helped the start-up focus on their target audience and pricing strategy. This gave them the confidence to go for bigger clients and charge for their expertise, instead of just their time. 

How can we help your creative agency?

The search for the best financial support for your creative business ends here. 

Our team of accountants will support and collaborate with you to become your full finance function. They will assist you with anything from tax, payroll, bookkeeping through to budgeting, planning and business coaching. They will also keep you on top of emerging trends and help you track your progress.

Emma Waterfall of Cascade Communications Ltd says: 

“We have worked with de Jong Phillips during a fantastic period of growth and change for Cascade. 

“de Jong Phillips have welcomed us into the financial future and have played an important role in setting us up for growth; streamlining our financial systems and processes to allow us to focus on creating great work for our clients.”

We are your finance and growth partner

de Jong Phillips supports ambitious and tenacious agencies that want to understand the story behind their numbers.

We are more than just your accountants – we are your finance and growth partner. We’re your outsourced finance function and we’re here to help you create the right structure, systems and processes around your goals.

We are ready to help and would love to hear from you.